Want To Know How Much A Powerflush Will Cost?

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What Are The Signs Of Sludge Build Up In My Heating System?

  • Heating takes a long time to heat up
  • Radiators have cold spots (usually along the bottom)
  • Noisy boiler or pump
  • Dirty water from radiators when bleeding
  • Frequent breakdowns
  • Discoloured water when bleeding radiators
  • Boiler going into lockout, needing to be restarted constantly

Will a Powerflush Help This?

Absolutely! One of the most common causes of system breakdown and boiler failure is a build up of system scale/sludge. Which in turn can affect the efficiency of the heating system and often cause problems with the pump and the main components of a boiler. Powerflushing will get rid of any of this unwanted sludge build up.

In extreme cases of sludge build up the boiler can start to “kettle”. Kettling is when the water in the boiler isn’t circulating fast enough or not at all due to a partial or full blockage. As a result this causes the water to start to boil hence sounding like a kettle. When left untreated this could cause the heat exchanger to split and leak water inside the boiler often causing more damage to other components which can be a costly repair. In most cases resulting in having to change the whole boiler itself.

We recommend having a heating system filter installed with a powerflush which we can supply and install for £120 whilst the powerflushing is carried out.

Can It Affect My Hot Water?

Yes.. However mainly with a combi boiler. For example, fluctuating temperature in the shower or even the hot water at your taps just not getting hot enough. See our Facebook post below for an example of this.

For conventional systems (boiler and hot water tank) in some serious cases it can affect the circulation to your hot water tank which can lead to your hot water not heating up enough or even not at all.

Looking For A New Boiler?

Are you looking for whole new boiler? Then you have come to the right place. Click here for a free online estimate of replacing your boiler.